Monday, August 21, 2017

Captain's Library ADVENTURES OF JERRY LEWIS "Jerry Meets the New Wonder Woman" Part 1

Did you know the late Jerry Lewis was not only a comic, but a comic book?
Yes, true believer!
Plus, he met several DC Comics heroes...and a heroine!
You think it's over?
The weirdness continues...tomorrow!
Jerry had one of the longest-running books among the celebrity-comic book crowd.
Starring Lewis and his then-partner, The Adventures of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis debuted in July, 1952, ran for 40 issues, and ended when the partnership did, in mid-1957.
DC kept the title going without Dino for another 84 issues until June 1971, plus one 68-page Super DC Giant! for a total of 125 impressive run by anyone's standards.
During this run, Jerry encountered Superman, Batman, the Flash, and last, but not least, Wonder Woman, who was in her non-super-powered story arc that ran from 1968 to 1972.
But writer Alan Riefe, penciler Bob Oksner, and inker Tex Blaisdell decided to go a bit outside the Wonder Woman series continuity and allow Diana to return to Paradise Island...which she couldn't do at that point in the comic!
Yes, this never-reprinted tale from AoJL #117 (1970) is not Silver-Age canon!
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With Shirley MacLaine as "Bat Lady"!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Captain's Library: THE DETECTIVES "Informers"

While Batman was a comic character played by Adam West on TV from 1966 to 1968...
...Adam West himself had already appeared in comic books five years earlier!
His character, Detective Sgt Steve Nelson was added to the cast for the third and final season of the police procedural The Detectives, which already featured a pair of actors who would go on to other genre shows during the 1960s...Mark Goddard on Lost in Space and Tige Andrews on The Mod Squad!
A strip based on The Detectives had several appearances in Dell's Four Color Comics anthology as tryouts for an ongoing run, but the show's cancellation ended those plans after only three issues.
West's character, Steve Nelson, appears in only one story out of the six which were published.
Written by Eric Freiwald & Robert Schaefer and illustrated by Nat Edison, this never-reprinted tale from Dell's Four Color #1219 renders Adam West with rather prominent arched eyebrows and light brown (almost sandy) hair!
BTW, if you want to see Adam West in action as Steve Nelson, sadly, you're out of luck.
The Detectives has never been issued on video, not even in the VHS days and is not currently running on any channel in the US!
I found a single episode from the third season on YouTube.
It's in four parts, and the video will guide you to the other three parts...
The series is available on a German DVD set, but it's dubbed in German and has no English subtitles!
Besides the three comic issues, there was a single novel by Norman Daniels (who did a lot of movie and TV adaptations)
Adam West
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(no cover image available, but it is the actual 1962 paperback book, not a reprint or e-book)

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Captain's Library & Theatre KING KONG "meets P T Bunkum"

With a new King Kong movie hitting screens tomorrow...
...we're going to have a look at the only comic based on the first King Kong animated series from 1966...

An animated series that also lead to another King Kong film...

...using elements from the animated series including the villain, Doctor Who!
the animated version
the live action version
No, not the BBC's Time Lord...
...but a decidedly-hammy human villain!
Two interesting American-Japanese links to the tv series and movie.
1) The series, though produced by Rankin-Bass was animated by Toei Animation, making it the first anime specifically-produced for America!
2) The movie was a co-production of Rankin-Bass and Toho Studios., using characters and plot elements from the cartoon series including Doctor Who and MechaniKong!
Though it uses King Kong, it is not a sequel to King Kong vs Godzilla, and no reference is made to events of the earlier film.
Now, back to the comic...
While the writer is unknown (and the story may be adapted from one of the episodes), the art is believed to be penciled by Sol Brodsky and John Verpoorten and inked by Frank Giacoia.
If those names seem familiar, it's because the one-shot comic this tale appeared in, America's Best TV Comics (1967), was packaged by Marvel for ABC!
Besides abridged reprints of Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, and Casper tales, the 68-page comic featured the first (and only) strips based on the animated Journey to the Center of the Earth, King Kong, as well as George of the Jungle's first comic book appearance!
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King Kong
Vol 1
King Kong
Vol 2